Friday, January 21, 2011

Golden Globe Awards 2011

This is my pick for the best dressed
during the Golden Globe Awards 2011.

Among all the breathtaking gorgeous gown,
i think the best dressed will be

I'll seriously buy her dress if is not that expensive.
Is so beautiful!!
Love it so much....

Next will be Olivia Wilde.
Stunning i must say but i still love Megan Fox 1.

ScarJo, always have the sex appeal even with this kimono-style dress.

I love this colour - EMerald Green,
but don't really like this dress. It could have been better if is more soft material and not so huge.
it looks like grass/bushes to me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perfect wedding

Watch it and you'll know why!

This the complete masterpiece:

This is the making of the film:

This is absolutely the ideal wedding that i ever imagine.

I'm sure most of you have thought about before or maybe at least a little about how your wedding should looks like. To me, wedding is genuine and should be once in a lifetime. It takes serious commitment and serious decision. It needs you to choose the right person - the one and only person that you ever love in your life. And that's why it is a big decision.

I feel so happy for the bride when i watched this video. I wish they're gonna be happily ever after. It brought me tears when i see how beautiful is the video, the people and the whole ceremony. It started beautifully and it ended perfectly.

I have the same plan for my wedding and i dream big. Hence, i have never thought my wedding would be so perfect though i wish.

However, it will be great to have:

the pretty dazzling chandelier; crystals and candles all over; the vintage furniture and atmosphere; laces and sequins; tulips and lily of the valley as well as Stephanotis mixed hydrangeas; stunning gown; smart looking fiance; a perfectly shoot FILMAGRAM production ; outdoor vow ceremony just like this one *love*

Sounds exciting but think about the costs and the venue. How often will i get to find the venue in my dream in this country? lol.

So, What's your ideal wedding ?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inevitable Phase

Is there anyone who can survive without doing anything in their life?
i'm wondering.
Jobs to me is doing something.
Earning money or not, it doesn't matter.
But job is doing something am i right?
*sounds abit too random...*
The point is, i feel like as you grow,
you will finally meets the end of studying.
What lies ahead of you is, work!
To me, i am very much excited to be able to work.
I know many of you might disagree.
Perhaps you may wait for me to post in the future saying that i regret what i just said.
Only time will tell.

It is unbelievable to me even till now that I have been hired.
I mean, results i got per se is not delighting.
but, it's funny how much courage and the beliefs i have in me.
People can't tell how confident i am because they are not me.
But i know, those who are close to me realized it.
and i know, the interviewers can see my potential in me.
In my life, i really thank my friends, although to say the one who really know me is not that many, i still thank them for they are real to me and that i feel supported by them whenever i doubt myself. I thank all my aunts and grandparents who believe in me. I thank him for being there for me. I thank Him for opening doors for me and guide me through the light. Lastly, i thank my sisters for bidding me wishes and guide me through.

How i really wish that people don't judge me and doubt my capability.
Connection to many of you is a plus point.
To me instead i realized is a disaster.
It seems like a dark smoke that massively covered my shine that glows from me.
How many people can see what lies beneath the smoke ?

Therefore, i have gained back the light from the 2nd attempt.
at least, i found the answer.
at least, i know i can,
at least, i believe myself.

but, is that what i want?
whole life doing what i like but couldn't get the life that so many people wish for?
would it be better if to do something that so-so and took ages to step up
but gained the life that everyone wish for?

something to think about
but time is short.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 5 Wishlist *at the moment*

It may takes me years to have my wishlist fulfilled.

but i guess, it'll makes me work harder to achieve it.

even if i don't possessed it,
listing it down here, makes me feel happier..

*at the moment*
*not in a particular order*


I'll get this one day and hopefully it'll not sold out again.
It's so annoying that it keeps on sold out
and then the good thing is, it is permanent item.
My torturing.
I'll get it when i'm financially guess this statement will be repeated again :(

2. Yves Saint Laurent Heels

I particularly like this in grey...
seen on many celebrity and *SCREAMMM*
i was trying to find a whole collection of YSL and see if anyone actually have a shoe rack full of YSL pumps aside from Christina Aguilera enormous shoe rack, luckily enough i can't find any.
Big relieve for me, if not i can stare at that picture for hours.
This will be permanently on my list for maybe another few years time as
is exorbitantly expensive. It's not my necessities but i hope to have it one day because is just i wear this, Clement will look shorter...Good thing!

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The moment i got a house that is not an apartment or condo, a house that has big compound and big-high gate, i will definitely get this dog provided i'm financially stable again..
LOL* Not that i don't like my current dog - Bubble
( lol..must give him some introduction...Bubble is a shih tzu with black and white coating. Awesome shih tzu and the cutest shih tzu on earth even though there are 60% people don't think is a shih tzu at all :( ...but with all being odds, he's still the cutest and good looking dog ever! )

4. Mini Cooper

This is not the best mini that i loved to own.
In fact, i don't have specific one.
I would love to have any mini cooper that is in excellent condition and will not broke down in the middle of nowhere like my Kancil.
Perhaps, i would prefer the colour glossy red or milky white...
who knows i might see be interested in the mini which is from love at first sight.

5. Traveling

I really hope i can travel to a place which is really far from the center of the Earth.
I want to feel the different climate.

Places like:
-Rome (to see monument and art)
-Alaska (to see Aurora)
- United states of America (lots to see )
- Maldives (The sea!!)
-United Kingdom ( to see stonehenge and others)

list can go on and on.

Now, do you feel like life is really very short?
well, for me i think life is really short, and we should live out life to the fullest.
but first, trust in your God, and have faith.
As you may think it is impossible, with Him, it is possible.
So, i believe got will provide and i'm able to see GOD's wonderful creation.
Maybe, one day i'm more than just a traveller.

Marisa Miller x Vans

I never thought this is how it'll turned out to be when Clement told me that Marisa Miller, another favourite Angels that i totally admire...she's a real bombshell <3....., anyway as i was saying, Clement told me that Marisa designed a shoe for Vans. At first i thought : "'ll surely be very girlish with lotsa hot word to describe victoria's secret = PINK = Girlish" So i pay less interest to it. However, since Clement says it's nice, i finally go check it out.

As you may see~
It's totally gorgeous....
What can i described?
mixture of summer splash, the sun, the beach, and PADDLE POP Rainbow!
So cute and who don't know i like rainbow colours? well, now you know...
i bet Jo sure*highschool moment*

Somehow, you may find it very kiddo...
i'm not sure...but i can imagine myself wearing it and feel so young again.
Am not sure if is a good thing because i'm so short,
and i wear this...uhmm....people who don't know, might think i bought it from kids store...

I think it will suit taller people like Marisa ..DuhhHh!

SO, maybe if i would like to get one,
i'll get the slip on 1...
but i never try slip on, i can't comment much whether it'll look weird on me or not.

But, i love the SK8-Hi a lot....

if only im taller...

anyway, the slip-on is not bad too..

Vans on a Slip-On: $60
and a SK8-Hi: $70

I guess if convert plus tax imposed bla bla bla...
i think it'll cost me around RM300++


Christmas coming!
anyone kind enough to get me this?

*all sources from Hypebeast*

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Chapter

First of all, the photo above is just for fun.
I find it quite funny and nice.
Found it when i try to google 'courage'
Indeed the cat is really very brave!

Here, i would like to say Praise the Lord and i would like to thank the Lord for listening to my prayers all this while. I thank Him for blessing me and enable me to pass my exams and be able to graduate.

Matter of graduating really ponder me for quite sometimes as i was really worried and could not really enjoy my holiday. In fact, i feel like this time the holiday doesn't really matter to me as i feel all alone not because i'm not being open to invitation but is due to many times that things just don't turned out the way i plan and never the plan succeeded this time. It sort of makes me feel so numb about all the 'holiday' mood. I guess i'm so immune to such numbness that i feel really peaceful being alone at home doing the things i like. But at times, it just felt so bored and lonely. Hence, i wish i got my ideal job as soon as possible. People told me: Enjoy your holiday while you can or you'll regret later. Perhaps this statements doesn't apply to me since everyone not enjoying either since they're almost all working. I try to rest as much as i could before i no longer have the time to rest. God knows i'm a workaholic and even though i've not been working in a corporate world yet, i know that since now even a smallest job i will work my ass off, then this will apply to the job i'll be in the future am i right?

Next week will be my first job test....
wish me luck~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

HELP Kristie! She only have 3 weeks to live

Well there may always be people who are in need.
The whole nation perhaps everyone will say that she or he deserves more and etc.
but what's important is the life!
is not the matter of who deserves more but if we can save one's life, why not?
And this girl, she's really sick..
and i can't imagine to have 3 weeks only to live and not that u are able to do anything coz she is constantly paralyze. at least if u know u can't live any longer, but u are still able to walk or do something, at least u're not that bad but to know if you are paralyze and u're just waiting to die, it's just horrible and cruel...
I really hope that somehow this matter will be circulated rapidly now especially in their country and immediate help is on its way now...

You will be alright Kristie...please hold on for the miracle is here for you... God's with you..Always.

what you can do:
1. Spread this via Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, blog, any other source.
2. Pray for them.